Highfive, Bjarne!

mandag, januar 16, 2006

Additional facts about Vin Diesel

1. Vin Diesel sweats melted iron

2. The term endangered species is often misunderstood. It does not mean that the numbers of these particular species are few. It simply means that Vin Diesel doesn't like them.

3. Vin Diesel once took a dip in the pacific ocean, when he got out 10 minutes later it was pure vodka.

4. Through Vin Diesel's mouth you can get to Narnia.

5. When Vin Diesel orders a steak it calls him daddy.

6. Vin Diesel ate Atlantis - that's why noone can find it.

7. Instead of bacon, eggs, toast and milk for breakfast, Vin Diesel has bacon, infants, more bacon and blood.