Highfive, Bjarne!

søndag, december 04, 2005

6 facts about Vin Diesel

1. Big bang occured because Vin Diesel got angry. The universe keeps expanding to get away from him. If he ever calms down the universe will collapse.

2. Vin diesel can make gold out of thin air just by yelling at the molecules.

3. There are no psychotic - and normal people. Only people who have met Vin Diesel and people who have not.

4. Harry Potter didn't kill Lord Voldemort - Vin Diesel did (even though it's fictional).

5. The reason Satan is in hell is because Vin Diesel told him: "go to hell" and he was to scared not to do it.

6. Vin Diesel can solo Molten Core.

inspired by http://www.4q.cc/vin/index.php?topthirty