Highfive, Bjarne!

lørdag, september 03, 2005

Tænk hvis...

Tænk hvis Viggo Mortensens engelskkundskaber var på 5.klasses-niveau.

<<Frodo: What do you want?>>
<< Aragorn: I can good like ice cream. Have you ice cream?.>>
<<Frodo: I carry nothing!>>
[Aragorn looks utterly confused]
<< Aragorn: Carry?>>
[He walks over to the window, puts out the candles.]
<< Aragorn: You like the woman with the big mouth, what?.>>
<< Aragorn: I have make fuck with him.>>
[Aragorn smiles.]
<<Frodo: Who are you?>>
<< Aragorn: I name Viggo - no, Arne... no, no, Argon.>>
[Aragorn laughs and points at Frodo.]
<< Aragorn: You are very little man.>>
<<Frodo: Yes.>>
<< Aragorn: I not have car. Only old horse and woman with big mouth. >>
[The door bursts open. Aragorn draws his sword. Sam, Merry and Pippin rush in, Sam with fists clenched and ready to fight.]
<<Sam: Let him go! Or I’ll have you Longshanks! >>
<< Aragorn (sheaths his sword): What mean that? I not talk good english, I can just say car and house and dog and woman and dog.>>